30 ways to monetize your website

как да си направя сайт,блог или онлайн магазин

Making money through your website is not really a myth. This is something accessible to everyone.

There is nothing strange about having a blog, which until now was just a hobby, to become a major source of revenue generation, with a little luck and hard work.

At the very least, you should be earning enough to cover your core costs, domain and hosting. You can even gradually succeed in replacing your primary source of revenue.

Keep in mind that the strategies described below range from easy and passive to those that require tons of constant work (so make sure you choose something that fits your site and your lifestyle).

There are 30 tips in this guide, but let’s start with the 10 most popular (and predictable) monetizers on your site.

It doesn’t matter if you started a blog or created a site. These tips should work for both.

The 10 most commonly used ways to make money from your website

Making money from your site is not as easy a task as you might think. But these ten tips are probably your best bet